The Winter School

Sessions take place several times a year between October-April, led each time by a different group of tutors, offering to open up knowledge across disciplines. They are often pedagogical proposals stemming from the work undertaken with the research lab.

LIF1: What Is Reality?

22-28 April 2023

Based on the ideas generated during the April 2021 meet-up, a first session of the Winter School took place in April 2023. Led by the two founders, with inputs from Wildgrass founder Manju Barua, Bokakhat-based farmer and inventor Bikash Bharali, and Deleuzian philosopher Stephen Zepke, the week-long session was built around the question, What is reality?. It took the students on a mind journey from quantum to flatness, with a landing in the tea gardens & farms of Kaziranga. A publication, as well as a short film, are in the making.

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